Express your potential and pursue your dreams by making the most of your Riverside tuition reimbursement options – Check Out Workforce Edge!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Workforce Edge, an online portal and education marketplace and place to apply for Riverside tuition reimbursement for eligible staff—starting today!

Express your potential and pursue your dreams by making the most of your Riverside tuition reimbursement options.  This new 24-7 online website replaces our current paper process to make access easier—and provide additional tuition discounts to various schools.

Workforce Edge is our one-stop shop to explore college and tuition discounts available for eligible Riverside Healthcare staff, from a wide range of universities and schools. 

Use Workforce Edge to: 

  • Expand your choices. Select from a network of leading universities or any school you choose.
  • Save on your education. Get discounts at in-network schools—with potential for little to no out-of-pocket tuition costs.
  • Simplify the process. Apply for Riverside Healthcare’s tuition reimbursement with an intuitive online platform.
  • Gain more control. Get transparency on pricing and courses. And get guidance every step of the way.

Get Started by:

  1. Click Rivernet
  2. Click Education Pathways
  3. Click Tuition Reimbursement

Or, click or scan the QR Code.

Use your network login and Imprivata to securely get in via your mobile device or when off-campus. Submit all new tuition reimbursement requests from Workforce Edge—starting today. 

Do you have an approved Riverside tuition reimbursement application but haven’t yet turned in grades and receipts?

All employees with open applications should email remaining needed documentation (e.g. grades/proof of payment) to Sejdije Fejza at [email protected] for processing. For all future requests, you must log into Workforce Edge Platform and open a new request. Approvals and checking funds available for you will show in Workforce Edge.

If you currently have a request in process, contact Sejdije or email [email protected].


Contact Workforce Edge support at [email protected] or (833) 353-0560 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Or, contact [email protected] with questions regarding Riverside tuition reimbursement policies.

Video on how to use Workforce Edge’s website:

Click here to view a video demo.