Butterfly Award

Butterfly Award Winner: McKenna

Several IMCU team members, leadership, and family were on hand to share in the recognition of Riverside’s newest Butterfly Award Winner, McKenna! McKenna is a CNA on Riverside’s Intermediate Care Unit.

Her nomination read: “McKenna is a CNA on the Intermediate Care Unit. As a nurse on that floor, it is a very fast-paced environment that requires a lot of teamwork between the nurses and CNAs. Having McKenna is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to those busy nights. She is always willing to help her fellow nurses with anything. Most of the time she’s one step ahead by already having the task completed or has gathered all the supplies that are needed. She always goes above and beyond, providing exceptional and compassionate care to her patients. She is truly an example of what Riverside stands for, giving the kindest touch when providing patient care, and she connects with all of the patients and peers. She is truly an extraordinary person, and IMCU is beyond lucky to have her.”

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Butterfly Award: Odalis

Odalis is always a bright sunshine to work with. She always goes above and beyond every day. She exemplifies our mission by being a team player not only in her home unit but also when she floats to specialty units. Not only that she will formulate her own programming with our patients in Geri. She also ensures that techs have the same resources for the next day. She’s very flexible in picking up shifts, and she also doesn’t mind holding a group in other units when she is floated. Odalis exemplifies her compassionate towards our patients by helping them cope by finding ways to help them express their emotions and feelings in a more subtle way by having our patients be active participants in our therapy and programming.

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Butterfly Award Winner: Denise S.

2nd Quarter 2022 Butterfly Winner
Denise Smyly – Westwood Assisted Living
Denise Smiley is an amazing, dedicated, loyal, hardworking CNA,who has been an exemplary employee for over 20 years. She has been named by residents as a “ray of sunshine”. Our residents love her for her kindess, thoughtfulness and extraordinary care. I am often told how Denise makes them “feel” loved and cherished and of course well taken care for. She will go above and beyond to provide care to make them happy. She will sing to them on their birthday (with her angelic voice), care for those that are not on her assignment sheet for the day. She embodies the motto of Riverside as giving her kindest touch, highest thinking and strong commitment to excellence. In addition to the excellent care she provides, she is a leader, a mentor, and a role model. She is a team leader and often stays over, or comes in early to care for residents, when staffing is needed- without asking. She ensures the CNA staff provide great care, just as she models. She is truly deserving of the Butterfly award 1,000 times over and so much more.

2nd Quarter 2022 Butterfly Nominees
Amber Carufel – Senior Behavioral Health
Odalis Sandoval – Senior Behavioral Health
Austin Fisher – ED
Cuauhtemoc (Temo) Guerrero – ED
Tatiana Kuykendall – ED
Alyssa Movern – IMCU
Aiden Demarah – 5E
Rikki Damaschke – ED
Sydney Milling – CHC Admin, Float Staff

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