Westwood OB/GYN providers no longer in Riverside insurance plans

Effective March 1, 2021, Westwood OB/GYN providers will no longer be included in Riverside’s employee health insurance plan.   This means there is no insurance coverage if you continue to see their providers.

Westwood OB/GYN informed Riverside last month of their decision to no longer practice here, and are now exclusively practicing at Amita St. Mary’s Hospital.  Presence and Amita facilities (including St. Mary’s Hospital) are, and have been excluded providers on Riverside’s benefit plans, which means there is no coverage if you use any of their facilities or services. 

Riverside encourages its employees to utilize Riverside Medical Center to get the highest coverage through our benefit plans.  

To receive the enhanced Tier 1 level of benefits, it is recommended Riverside employees transition to a Tier 1 provider, such as Riverside Medical Group Women’s Health Specialists.  These providers are accepting new patients, including those in late-stage pregnancy, to ensure there is no interruption in care.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling (815) 935-4651 or online at riversidehealthcare.org.  Any questions can be directed to Riverside’s benefit support line at extension 37255.