Memo: Employee Parking

To: All Staff

From: Kyle Benoit, Senior Vice President & COO

Date: October 1, 2021

Subject: Employee Parking

Our goal is to provide close and accessible parking to our patients and visitors. Valet parking
services will be offered to our patients and visitors at the north end of the Medical Center beginning
on Monday, October 4. As a result, updates have been made to the Employee Parking Policy.
Please review this policy and particularly the following updates:

  • Employee parking at the Main Campus is located in the Pavilion Parking Garage and West Pavilion Lot west of Row C. Employees should not park in spaces designated for physicians or patients/visitors.
  • Employees found to be parking in the North Garage, South Lot, Westwood Medical Arts Building 401, Valet spaces and/or Valet designated area (lower level of North Garage) parking areas will receive a vehicle immobilization (parking boot) without warning. Vehicle immobilization also carries a $50 removal fee.

The complete policy can be found under Employee Parking in Policy Stat. Thank you for providing
this access and convenience to our patients and visitors.