Employee Update: March 14, 2023

FAQs for Lifting of Mask Requirement

  1. As the Governor’s Executive Order (through IDPH) now allows for the lifting of the masking requirement for staff, what is Riverside’s policy?
    As of Wednesday March 15, Riverside staff members are no longer required to be masked inside Riverside buildings.  Masks will remain optional, and are recommended to prevent the spread of infection if you are sick or suspect you may be contagious.  Standard infection protocols still apply for patient care. 
  2. What is Riverside’s policy for masking for patients and visitors?
    Since the IDPH requirement changed earlier this year for patients and visitors, Riverside no longer requires them to be masked in our facilities.  It continues to be optional and still recommended if a patient or visitor is sick or experiencing symptoms.
  3. Are there exceptions, where masking is still required?
    Yes.  IDPH still requires masking in assisted living, memory care and long-term care facilities like Miller Healthcare. Additionally, masking may be requested of staff, patients and visitors in settings where there is likely high vulnerability for patients. 
  4. How is Riverside continuing to be vigilant in protecting our patients and staff who may be vulnerable?
    Standard infection protocols still apply at Riverside.  Those protocols include but are not limited to regular hand washing and disinfection practices, staying away from work when you are sick to prevent the spread to others, and donning the appropriate PPE in patient care settings.

For additional direction, please refer to the updated policies in PolicyStat and work with your one-up leader on specific requirements in your area.