Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: Who to Call, How to Connect and Where to Find Answers

Health insurance can seem complicated. Our patients want answers when they’re shopping plans, getting care, making payments and using their benefits. We should know where to point them.

Many of our patients have, or are considering, coverage through the Simplete® Medicare Advantage plans we offer through Health Alliance™. For these individuals, here’s a quick run-down of who they should contact for what.

Prospective plan members should call (877) 642-4753 (TTY 711) or visit to:

  • Ask questions about what plan’s right for them.
  • Ask questions about how to enroll.
  • Enroll.

Prospective members can sign up here to attend a webinar to learn more about the plans.

Current plan members should call Members Services at (877) 933-8481 (TTY 711) to:

  • Get answers to questions about their plan, including topics like eligibility, premiums, authorizations and more.
  • Find a Primary Care Provider or see if their doctor is in-network. They can also do so virtually at
  • Find an in-network pharmacy. Also easy to do virtually at
  • Learn what drugs are covered by their plan.
  • Get assistance with claims and billing.
  • Request plan information in a different format, including large print.
  • Connect with free language interpreter services available for non-English speakers.
  • Discover information about benefits, perks and extras.

For general information, our patients can visit this page about Medicare and this link about our Simplete Riverside plans.            

Please remind our patients to review their Medicare coverage by December 7.

Article provided by Health Alliance.