Earn while you learn to become a Riverside C.N.A.

REMINDER – the deadline for summer semester is nearly here!

The Riverside Growing Your Future Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) Apprenticeship Program is currently accepting applications (application form linked below) due to Riverside’s OD and Learning Department no later than April 5, 2021.   Orientation is 5/11 and classes are 6/1 to 7/22.

If interested in the fall semester (starts end of August 2021), please complete this application by 4/30/2021 and return to Riverside’s ODL Department.

What is the Riverside C.N.A. Apprenticeship?

Riverside is committed to helping our employees throughout their career journey and has helped Riverside employees complete their C.N.A. while maintaining their Riverside job.  You can EARN while you learn.

The Summer 2021 Certified Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship is an 8 week, competency-based program in which students attend classes at Kankakee Community College and complete hands-on clinical experiences at Riverside 4, 8 hour days per week for Monday through Thursday (32 hours per week classroom/clinical time). Your registration fees, course fees, and books or related materials to attend the Kankakee Community College (KCC) C.N.A. program, if accepted into the program, are all paid and you are also paid for your 32 hours per week to attend the program by Riverside for your current position. 

Note The Fall semester is 16 hrs per week, meeting two days per week.

What happens when I finish the program?

Upon successful completion of the program’s coursework and meeting State of Illinois requirements including passing the NATCEP exam, participants become a registered State of Illinois C.N.A.

If offered a C.N.A. job at Riverside, participants are expected to accept the position at Riverside for a minimum of 18 months or pay back the educational funding received towards his/her C.N.A. to Riverside.

Who is Eligible?

Interested Riverside employees must meet all KCC admission requirements for the C.N.A. program to be eligible to participate in the apprenticeship program and must be in good standing as a Riverside employee. Also, he/she must have worked at Riverside a minimum of 6 months before the program starts on 5/11/2021.

What do CNAs do?

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are very important members of our Riverside healthcare team. Becoming a C.N.A. is often the first step in someone becoming a nurse.  C.N.A.s are responsible for helping the entire clinical team and patients too. The compassion and skill of a C.N.A. in giving patient care helps reduce stress for those who are sick and unable to care for themselves. We employ C.N.A.s in the hospital and in our senior life areas. Being a C.N.A. is hard work—and very rewarding.  

Please contact the OD and Learning Department at 815-935-3276 or extension 22701 for more information—or turn in your completed application to OD and Learning or [email protected] no later than 4/5/2021 for the summer semester, and by 4/30/2021 for the fall semester.