Valet Parking is back!

KANKAKEE, IL (October 1, 2021) – Riverside Healthcare announces the reintroduction of complimentary valet parking. Starting Monday, October 4, valet service will once again be available at the North Entrance of the hospital Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The service will be provided by HealthPark Hospitality.

With ongoing emergency department construction, the service will relieve congestion and navigation issues that can occur at the North Entrance. The valet service will make getting to appointments easier for patients and their families. HealthPark will have their HealthParkSAFE program in place, which includes sanitization, disinfection, and decontamination protocols in adherence with Riverside’s vaccination policy.

Highlights of HealthParkSAFE plan ensures parking staff are:

·     fully vaccinated,

·     wearing masks at all times,

·     practice social distancing,

·     sanitizing vehicles and keys,

·     disinfecting equipment and wheelchairs.

The complimentary service will again offer a “tap-to-retrieve” option allowing users to click on their smartphone, to request their vehicle while still inside the hospital. HealthPark also features an optional “touchless ticket” allowing patients to simply text a number when they are ready for their vehicle.  

Click here to see this press release in Riverside’s newsroom.