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Volunteer to Represent Riverside at Community Events

Are you interested in representing Riverside this year at a community event? We are looking for individuals or groups who would be interested in volunteering.

Please complete the volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering to represent Riverside at community events. When an event comes up on the calendar Marketing will send an email to those who sign-up via the form below to see who would be available.

Does your service line want to be represented at the at the Kankakee Farmer’s Market this summer? Find out more information about attending the Kankakee Farmer’s Market here.

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2023 Lantern Ceremony

The end of the year is a time for reflection and release. As healthcare professionals, we see the best and worst life has to offer.

Let us remember those who have passed through our care, the lives we have lost, and the lives we have touched. We continue to face challenges head-on. Together, we are a great team and can make remarkable things happen.

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